Prada iPhone 4 Leather Case

Prada iPhone 4 Leather Case.Coach iPad Mini 2 Leather Case,Mulberry iPhone 4S Case,Juicy Couture iPhone 4 Case,Chanel iPhone 4S Case. Prada iPhone 4 Leather Case Samsung Galaxy Pocket in Kenya Priced at less than KES 10,000, the new GALAXY Pocket provides the latent power of a Smartphone at an affordable price. As efforts to raise Kenya's internet penetration through mobile devices gets underway, Samsung Electronics East Africa, has unveiled a sub KES 10,000 mobile device tailor made to introduce millions of Kenyans to the wide variety of Smartphone applications. Samsung electronics has introduced the Samsung Galaxy Pocket handset which is designed to provide a platform for more than 8 million mobile subscribers to upgrade from basic mobile handsets functionalities to smart phone capabilities. Speaking during the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket handset, Samsung Electronic East Africa Business Leader, Robert Ngeru, confirmed that the handset is expected to perform well amongst discerning subscribers seeking to enjoy a superior Smartphone experience at an affordable cost. The new Galaxy Pocket which is part of the Samsung Built for Africa range will also be backed by a 24months warranty further confirming its superior quality. "Samsung Galaxy Pocket as well as other Samsung smartphones provides our users with two unique benefits not available in feature phones. First, the user is able to multi task between several applications without having to close any of them. This enhances the user's experience and allows them to be more productive. Samsung smart phones also allow the users to add new features and services to their phones from downloaded applications. Hence, the users are not restricted to only the factory installed applications but can expand their experiences by downloading new applications. More than 400,000 applications are available for download." This device will be available in five colours yellow, white, orange, pink black to suit every users own taste. To support ongoing efforts by the Communications Commission of Kenya to beef up mobile devices security, the Galaxy Pocket will feature Samsung's new Find my Mobile remote tracking feature. This new service provides SIM card change alert and a web based tracking system where one can find the location of the phone, get the call logs, lock the phone as well as remotely wipe out the phone's data among other features. The GALAXY Pocket also boasts a Music and Education Hub exclusive to the device. The Music Hub offers customers a free music service, where Pocket users can download music from various local artists and share them via Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, the Education Hub (MobiMath) is a mobile education portal that allows student to learn anytime, anywhere..

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