Juicy Couture iPhone 4 Case

Juicy Couture iPhone 4 Case.Michael Kors iPhone 4 Case,Chanel iPhone 4S Case,Tory Burch iPhone 4S Case,Juicy Couture iPhone 4S Case. Juicy Couture iPhone 4 Case Samsung Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 The smartwatch wasn't the only device at Samsung's event. The company also showed off its Galaxy Note 3, which will be the first phone to work with the Gear. (Support for the Galaxy S4 and other Galaxy phones will come later, Samsung said.) Menno van den Berg, the Vice President of IT and Mobile at Samsung, said the Note 3 has a 5.7 inch display, bigger than the Note 2's 5.5 inch screen, but is still dwarfed by the Galaxy Mega, at 6.3 inches. The phone itself is 8.3 mm thick and weighs 168 grams, a little over two Galaxy Gears. While the technical specs are one of the Galaxy Note's biggest draws, it's clear that design and aesthetics are also important for the large smartphone. The back of the Note 3 appears to have a slightly thickened padding and stitching to mimic an actual notebook. It also comes in a variety colors and finishes, similar to the level of customization available with Moto X. As for the interface, Samsung has improved upon its S Pen design and how it operates with the note. The Note 3 is able to recognize specific gestures both when the pen is on its surface and when it's hovering slightly above the surface. A quick tap opens up an array of options ready to go for the user..

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